Feng Chia University Won the Reputation of the Best Private University in Taiwan



Since 2012, "Foresight" magazine has conducted the first "Domestic University Prestige Survey", inviting the presidents and vice presidents of universities and colleges to appraise the "Best University of the Year" in the form of "President' Mutual Evaluation". On June 3, the latest survey results for 2021 were announced. Feng Chia University has lived up to expectations. It once again won the top list of private universities and won more than 20% of the president and vice presidents. It was selected as the best private university.

The "University Prestige Survey" has entered its tenth year. Given the differences in resources, student sources, and positioning of different types of schools, this year it will be changed to "National University", "Private University", "National Technical Vocational" and "Private Technical University". Conduct a sub-ranking survey on the four major categories of "jobs"; at the same time, we will also understand and analyze the areas of concern to university presidents of different systems. National universities are often positioned as "research universities" and focus on academic performance. Therefore, the focus of all circles on the achievements of national university presidents will be on the "international ranking" project. In contrast, private universities tend to be "teaching universities" intending to nurture students for social use. Under the impact of the declining birthrate in recent years, private universities have paid special attention to the "enrollment status". How to make students and parents more trust and affirm through running a school has become an important project for mutual observation among private universities.

Under the leadership of President Bing Jean Lee, Feng Chia University has actively improved the teaching aspect of "students' future career ability" in recent years. Under his active promotion, the introduction of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) innovative teaching method: "CDIO Engineering Teaching Mode" was formally implemented in 2017. President Li emphasized: "The core of CDIO is to train students to become problem definitions and "Solver", this is also Fengjia's core thinking on "improving students' employment competitiveness." Enterprises do not lack manpower. What they lack are innovative talents who assist in transformation and upgrading. The core of innovation teaching at Feng Chia University is to cultivate the talents needed for social transformation and enterprise upgrading.