The Distinguished Award for General Education Teachers to Professor Yueh-mei Cheng



Professor Yueh-mei Cheng of the Center for General Education and School of Architecture was awarded the Distinguished Award for General Education Teachers by the Ministry of Education. It is the highest award held by the Ministry of Education(MOE). After a rigorous selection process by the Ministry of Education's judging panel, including preliminary selection, review, final selection, and interviews with student trainees, Mr. Cheng was selected from nearly 80 candidates to receive this honor.

The Distinguished Award for General Education Teachers is highly indicative. MOE hopes the award will encourage teachers to continue to guide general education and liberal arts in colleges and universities across the country.

According to Prof. Cheng, "The idea of university general education should be full of programs designed to meet the needs of social and cultural changes. The educational content of these programs carries a special mission: To shape the majority of students into complete adults and global citizens, who will be free and democratic civil society, sharing a noble personality and a correct view of the world. General education should become an organic deepening learning platform, providing a flexible course reconstruction system so that we can truly cultivate visionary talents with real integration skills and creative minds that can shape the future of the 21st century.

In the past six years, the " FCU Theater" at Feng Chia University, led by Prof. Cheng, has successfully integrated stage education, art, and technology education, and life education gradually and effectively brought many teaching achievements to Feng Chia University. Through practical lessons, it activated students' curiosity and ability of image perception and perceptual thinking, developing the right brain potential, cultivating insight, and even achieving the integration and complete knowledge between language and non-language, logic and emotion. The main idea of this program is to integrate "life education" and "liberal education" to address the issues of spiritual emptiness, environmental deterioration, and disconnection from tradition faced by digital aboriginal students and the traditional break issue.

Last year, Prof. Cheng was awarded the 8th Arts Education Contribution Award and received awards from the MOE again, which indicates her teaching in FCU Theater and contribution to general education teaching. We believe that General Education will be one of the competitive development of a University in the 21st century.

教學獎最高榮譽 鄭月妹老師獲「第10屆全國傑出通識教育教師獎」

Professor Yueh-mei Cheng was awarded the Distinguished Award for General Education Teachers by the Ministry of Education.